HB Fürstin Fröhlich
should mature 172cm
Sire Fürst Heinrich
Dam L. Gandalf/Lander
Chestnut Filly 14/11/2007


Fürst Heinrich was the World Dressage Champion as a 5 year old at Verden. Despite his tragic early death he remains at the pinnacle of the German dressage breeding index.

This refined, leggy filly has inherited all of her father’s talent and presence while acquiring all of her mother’s elevation, biomechanics and gentleness. She will be a future star in the manege with that "imported" quality we all seek. She is a unique mix of the F, D, R, and A lines sought by knowledgeable breeders.

As a future broodmare she can rely on her mother’s genes as a successful producer of frozen semen foals. "Grace" has had stunning foals by Briar and Sandro Hit that have been sold all over Australia. Her first foal now successfully stands at stud in Victoria.

This is Grace’s first filly by a World Champion whose semen is no longer available.

Fidelio/Furioso II
Florestan I Raute/Rheingold
Furst Heinrich
Dawina Donnerhall
Fürstin Fröhlich
Grand Kavalier
Larundel Gandalf Belcam Aarmani/Aachen
Larundel Graceful
HP Lily Lander
Tilbuster T/B

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